Red Red Red runs down my back

Clouded with thunder and lightning
Red eyes with a flash of painful color
Eat out your heart you filthy whores
Tonight is your night.
Make it last cuz it's all you have left.
Envy is a horrible thing isn't it?
Too bad the world is entirely green.
You mock a call for help
As you want to hurt all of those in sight
You want pain don't you?
All of this is a wasteland full of drought and fire
It's not done yet,
The boils pain us more and more
The diseases rot our flesh
Bring the twists and pangs of night
I can handle it
It's not like i've never done this before.
Bring your scalpel and use your words
use them to bring me down.
But i'll fight against the arrogant tone
I'll run up and shoot my arrows.
I'll sprint through the painstakingly long course
And I'll do this
I know I will.
Watch me because I can.
Beating my fists into your chest
With angry tears down my face
I am not pathetic.
I never will be
My tears are in hurt and frustration.
You don't care I know you don't
Congrats friend, you've won.
You've finally pushed me
completely out of your life.
I certainly hope this is what you wanted.
Because the price I pay is high
And I'm beginning to turn
An angry eye towards the mention
of your name.



My candle
with it's seemingly ceaseless flame
is getting brighter

And i guess it makes sense because
well with all this darkness,
something has to shine.
not that it's better, of course,
but it's there.

And that makes a difference.

I have to believe that in this world
So full of the stinch of death and hate
is a candle
matching mine
with a name on it
that brings me to joy-filled tears.
That's my Romeo.
That's my knight in shining armour.
That's my guy.


In the Scarlet Plantations Subdivision

Ratta tat tat
Ratta tat tat

is all we heard the whole time
except for when I asked him how he felt.
Just fine.
Then we kept going
It was dark and the rain kept falling
The trees kept bowing down
like ocean waves and tender hearts
Lights blared every once in a while
But it was mostly dark.

I'm really lonely.

That's the only thing he could murmur.
Then the giant that was my brother
Sunk into a faint figure by the window.
We stopped in for a moment
then we left for home,
but passed right on by.
I couldn't give a reason except
I'm not ready to go home yet.
And he was okay with it.

We drove until my tears
Couldn't be held back any longer.
And I broke.
We both broke in our own ways.
I cried and he shrank back.
When I composed myself,
he had fallen asleep.
So i drove half an hour more.
And when we got to that house.
We walked in without a word
And fell into our rooms

And this morning we all woke up
And pretended like it never happened.