Reality Shmeality

Finally in a long chain of events
It's chilly.
I felt the harsh pang of wind
Hit my face this morning.
But it didn't hurt so bad.
I actually welcomed it
because it gave me some memories.
Looking at my new home i wonder
Is this all i'll ever know?
A place with boxes and
the hum of appliances.
No, no, no, i remember,
there's something different out there
and i'm so ready to feel it.
No more boxes, no more monotony,
just a room with candles, roses, and tea.
A breakfast nook with gentle sounds of a piano
Oh and no regrets in my past,
Just a strong arm around my waist
Holding me close as the sharp air hits my face
And reminding me that oh, my love,
no harm will befall you as long as you
pull in tight and feel the gentle kiss
of my lips on your forehead.
And I've tried to convince myself that
he's right...
but i know that those are just fantasies.
But dreamers never listen to those
who condemn.
Because those who condemn are just cynical
liars who think they've figured it all out.
They just don't know what to do now that
they let their dream die.
Oh but i appreciate it.
It's simple and sweet.
So i let those stupid reality checks
Fly away just for a minute or two
and I pull in, feel a kiss, and let the
smile curl back on my lips.