Rants of all colors and sizes

Fuck this 'heartbreak' shit.
If you want love,
Prepare your heart.
Because love is a bitch that rips you up and breaks you down.
Get ready.
It's on it's way and it's gonna have a beautiful face.
With smart eyes that peel back your shell,
Black hair that burns in your mind.
And you'll fall head over heels.

And years later you'll realize...
Shit...I'm not ready for this.
And when you feel that,
Run...run hard
because love will eat you up.

It'll break your heart.
In an ice rink when you see he's cheating
In his car in front of Panera (even though you wanted him back)
And on the phone. twice.

Don't tell me you cared.
I already know that.
Show me what it really meant.

Don't fuck with me now.
I'm ready
And I'll kick your ass if you even try to control me
I'm on a rampage and I'm not releasing this until you do.

I loved you and didn't know how to show it.
I've been lied to, controlled, beaten and other things
And I've done them to. Especially to you.

And I broke you.
And you in turn broke me.

Congrats... now we're both fucked.