Oranges And Pink Roses Make Sense

And he woke up thinking today was going to be the same
Dull without a feeling or hint of orange
The same shoes, one of the same 3 suits,
same shave, same time leaving...
He thought this was what he wanted,
To be out in the world
And away from the smiles of children and their air.
He wasn't too good for them, he just never knew how
to say goodbye.

Years later, on his way to a job he was indifferent about,
with people he was indifferent about, knowing later he would
walk 2 blocks to the same old bar with the same people
and their problems that they'd never really try
to change.
As he began to reminisce about his old school days
a small hint of orange caught his nose
and brought him back.
It was the smell of the woman's hair in front of him.
For once he looked around and noticed flowers
that had been right beside him year after year
as he walked with a sort of gray purpose.

Dew on the satin pink and a little bit of sharp
green that prodded up against the bloom
were finally interesting to him. All these years
he had ignored everything except numbers,
facts, and cleanliness. Then this...

A jolt of the woman's body
caught his attention.
Her hair was vibrant and curled
her back was small yet strong
He just wanted to see the face
of the woman whose back had caught him.

She stepped away onto the train
and without a thought he followed her.
Yet he wanted to seem cunning
and adult, so he refused to talk about
meaningless nothings that would make
her laugh.
But his pride got the best of him.
He said nothing but sat behind her
and sought to see her face.
She left at her stop and he
wanted to so badly to chase after her and see her
but his pride got the best of him.
He and his pride kept him from loving for years.

That winter as he was once again walking
He looked over and saw a man holding
a candle to keep warm.
Then it grabbed his nose again.
Orange, sweet orange...
And there she was.
He could not forget that same
hair and gentle curve of her back.
He finally had spent enough nights alone
To be brave enough to say hello.
He touched her soft skin
And as she turned with tears in her eyes
She fell on him.
She had lost her husband 3 years ago that day.

And he accepted her.
With all of her baggage
all of her issues
her laughter
her tears
her torn love.
And the rest is history.