His Joy Dances On His Lips

Tonight freedom really hit me.

I let my heart realize finally that no matter the wrongs I've felt,
I still have a lot of living to do.

Here's another round to a life full of laughter and hope.

While he's checking to see if there's anything written here...
I hope he knows he's on my mind.
I hope he knows that when he comes back.. my heart is here.
I hope he knows that I love him so very much.

Yes. I love him.

Something I was desperately afraid of is now a freedom.
him. with his long hair and deep blues.
He is worth smiling about.
He's worth fighting for...wanna know why?

Because he believes I'm worth fighting for.
He's got heart. and spunk.
He's a feisty one and I love it.

Don't tell him I said this...
but when I rise,
I hope that I can see his face this day.
For he is gentle.
His eyes are calming.
He speaks of joy and love always.

He makes me smile without trying.
without trying.
No lies. no manipulation.

Love. which transcends all.

Love truly is magic in every sense of the word.
It's strength on a difficult day.
It's peace during war.

Love is patient... like his heart.

His love is pure.
I couldn't ask for a better man.
I couldn't ask for a better heart.
I couldn't ask for a gentler touch.

He is my man.
And he is worth fighting for.