Violin Melodies

Up and down
Up and down
in synchronized melodies
A black dress
A bow tie
Even the children stared
with their innocent enchantment
of chasing fireflies on a midsummer's night
crowns made of flowers and curled ribbon
Their freckles and rosy cheeks
made us all think of our days
Even though the years have formed a clouded abstraction
of what we used to do.
She makes me think of that just by simply sitting down
And dragging her bow across the strings

Cellar Door

In light of it still being cold and windy
Even though I do think warm wind is more inviting
Things sound nice don't they?
I think so.
It's getting better.
Don't you think so?
Soon it'll be like second nature.
Just wait a little longer
I hate to ask it but it's all I have
A dark musty room and a dwindling candle
The most inviting thing I have
Will soon become a room for two
With a piano taking up half the space
And of course your cello right beside it
(where it should be)
And I've always wanted a chandelier