Now I finally understand The Princess Bride

A deeper pang still sits.
But it's all of a sudden feeling better.
A song is renewed
And i feel young again.
I've never seen stars until now.
Sure they existed but life hadn't yet.
Now they're like a gentle reminder
every 2 seconds
that you exist.
And i exist with you.
I see things with new eyes.
My heart jumps at the mention of your name.
My eyes lost until they find yours.
And it's so nice.
Because when mine meet yours,
your gently smiling right back
and i'm home.
I'm very much home.


It's like not coming up for air...and not minding one bit

So calm and so natural
Gentle flow of your hands on my waist
Feeling the wind as it blows my hair from root to tip
Slight pressure on the small of my back
A gentle whisper
Small laughter and a bashful face
I feel a squeeze on my hand from yours
And there we are...
hand in hand, perfectly knit.
Just like we'd been like this for years
Me in my silk and you in your tie
Everything so smooth and nonchalant.
Breathe in and out
And feel the evening fly by.
Touch, baby, and never let go