Thanks for the Chivalry

Your jacket is wet
And it's also been muffling my frustrations.
It's not that I don't want you to know
It's because I'm just wanting to be happy,
I want us to be happy
I'm working on getting better
And I have to ignore it for a bit,
The frustration that is.
I'm so glad I kept the jacket on.
It's been warming up lonely nights.


Still Here

If you close your eyes and look into it all
Place your hand on your heart and feel it beat
Listen to the sound of the sweet breeze
The breeze that is so warm and tastes like Arabian spices
I'm quite certain you'll feel it
You'll know and understand why this is happening
Sometimes it takes crying in a dark room for a couple weeks to get it
But you eventually will figure it out
You'll get that sometimes you need to close your eyes
Sometimes you need to cry
Sometimes you need to do things to understand the good in life
To realize how precious the times are when you don't have to worry
I've come to find that it's times like this when I grow
I know who my friends are
I know who I care about
And even though right now I don't have much to say
And whatever I do say doesn't have much significance
That doesn't mean I'm bored
It doesn't mean I'm tired of any of it
I simply means I'm working out some of the kinks
But I feel much better now and I'd like to get to talking about things
Important things that do matter
I'm feeling much stronger and feeling like I can make it now
You are my shoulder, my smile, my peace
You have kept me going
I can not forget this
So know that I'm feeling better and I'm getting back
Also know that through all of this:
Through all the fights, the annoyances, the deep sighs
I am still entranced with your eyes
My breath is still stolen from me when I see you
I am still here and I still love you


A Note of Encouragement

This goes out to the person you haven't met yet
And maybe they're rollin around in the hay with someone else
But they're not as good as you'll be
You just gotta wait your turn
He's out there, She's out there
They're just learning what to contrast you against