Roots and Nakedness

Never fall asleep in public he told me
Always look both ways when crossing a street
And never look into the past
Regrets turn people into who they once were
Make mistakes he said
Plenty of them
And learn time and time again why they are wrong
Run from hate
Run from stupidity
Run from temptations
Sleep with purity
Be nakedly modest
Hide nothing
Curl up with love
Hold it dear
Laugh at everything except when you're at funerals or in the dentist's chair
And never ever ever forget where you came from

Back to Yesteryear

It's walking down a lane of perfectly lined trees
With the leaves falling down and the lamposts guiding my way
And i'm skipping
I'm such a child
It's cucumber sandwiches and dancing in mom's high heels
Falling all over the place with her lipstick mapping my face
And it's loud
I'm such a child
It's a look of complete happiness after rolling down a hill
With scrapes and bruises all over my knees from the trees i climbed last Tuesday
And i'm laughing
I'm such a child


Mouth Words

It rolls and scoffs
It kicks in all the right places
It wants to smother me
And take my breath
My stingy resentful breath
Full of what has happened
Not looking forward to what could happen
Is being ripped from my mouth and torn into a thousand things I've never said
My word has been twisted and used against me
What a wretched thing
I don't agree anymore
I won't let this happen
It will stop
The yelling and the drunkeness of spit and dirt in my mouth
The filth overflowing from it will cease
But alas it won't, will it?
You don't think so.
You knew me too well.


My Sweet Dreamer

Dream, always dream,
For that is what hope is made of.
And hope, dreamer, hope,
For what is love but a hopeful dream?
For if you dream without hope or without love,
It is merely a passionless thought.
Only to be swept away by the wind,
And never spoken of again.
But, lover, if you dream,
You will soon succeed.
Do not pity yourself,
For pity leads to despair, the enemy of hope.
But be strong, dear dreamer,
For your grand prize is near.
I can feel it in my heart,
Hoping, beating, wishing, breathing.
You will win this fight,
Only to be the greatest of all time.
But if you give up,
You will be scoffed at.
Your admirers will turn to devious enemies,
Just waiting to devour your ever living hope.
So be strong, sweet love, and be a hopeful dreamer,
If anything, do it for me.
I look to you for hope and love,
You are the hero of my dream,
So dream, my love, always dream,
For that's what we are made of.

Children in a sense

I realized
When i look into their eyes
That they'll grow up
And get hurt
go through painful things
and hurt all over again
At that moment i wanted to grab them up
And hold them forever
...then i realized how mothers feel
But only a little way
For i'm still very much a child myself

Getting Nowhere

scream bang crash hit
Hurt, feeling, rolling through it all
Winding, Twirling
Smashing into everything

...too late
It happened
And we took it all down with us

Pertaining to the thought of what it is

It hushes
It breathes
The feeling is essential
The rush is ecstatic
Pulsing, beating, competing
It wants to be the best
But it doesn't see it's already won
Everyone needs it
But it doesn't feel needed
Everyone uses it
And it knows
It can not talk
Although it's dying to be heard
It makes so much sense now
Easy now, Easy


Growing Older

I wish there was a better way to put it
The child has left and we are alone
The years have passed
The tired look in your eyes has finally come to stay
We are old
We have what we never wanted
Or did we?
The want.
The want to grow old in your arms
The power to look into your eyes
Grabbing your face and holding it right up to mine
As if to try and make our silhouettes match
Looking straight into the eyes that love me
And knowing it's here, in your arms, i'll forever be