Grow Up

Flashes of rouge
Anger Malice Fear
Striking Beauty
Passionate looks
That's all she ever has
She's the one they keep looking at
Are they judging or sighing in wonder?
I perceive it as judgement
Eyes that see through you
That scares me deeply
You should really go outside and look at the stars
It makes everything seem so distant and kind
Even when it's screaming right in your face
Challenges are scary
And so is the feeling of being different
But it's good
It's very good
And your eyes must do some rainin'
If you're ever gonna grow


What I Did Today

I have two words
Two words I've longed to say
Almost as much as those 3 words
but still... two words
Leaning in
Grabbing your jacket
Touching your face
My fingertips on your lips
My hand holding your face
Forgetting what I did today
And what happened last Monday
And only you know
Only you know what happened last Monday
And what I did today
So dearest I have two words for you
Kiss Me
Long and Hard


And They Laughed

I can barely breathe
It's hot and sweaty and painful
My heart is racing
I'm not ready for this.
Children are not meant to be hurt.
They are meant for snow angels and bursting giggles
Small hands that fit perfectly into my shaky palms
She's bruised and broken
There's nothing I can do.
My sweet little baby,
My hurt sweet little baby.
Never say you'll never hurt someone
You might without even meaning to
And that is what you can never take back
It's what you can not live with
And what you can not sleep with
It's replaying in my mind over and over
No, things like this are not supposed to happen