More Ranting... You seem to be good inspiration.

And now we're each dealing in our own ways.
You with your cheating and me with my prayers.
I've found love that's better than any we ever had.
I look up and I know...I know I'm safe.
Because I no longer put my life into you.
I put my life into Him.

If I had read that myself I would have rolled my eyes.
I used to.
But after nights of lying on the floor
Crying until my body could no longer handle it
and forced itself to sleep,
Days full of emptiness,
Weeks of rage and anger,
I realized that I really need something better.
Someone more reliable.

You have a new girl,
I hope you're doing better.
I honestly do.
I prayed for you the other night.
It was anger, then tears,
then pounding the floor asking what the hell happened anyway..

I don't have a way with words right now..
It's just me saying how I feel.
I'm not bitter anymore.
I let you go.
You let me go.
We had to.

All I am now is inspiration for sad songs,
ya know.. the ones you'll be singing for the rest of your life.
I'll be in your mind.
And you'll be in mine.. but as someone wise said,
you're in my mind but you're not in my heart anymore
It's not yours and it never will be.

You took something from me.
Made promises you meant to keep.
It's ok, i made promises too.
I guess it's all to hell now.

My wish for you that you can find someone
Someone you don't have to actively control
Someone who blindly believes your ideas
Someone who will do what you want and never think for herself
Someone who doesn't mind if they never see their friends again.
Someone who needs your approval for everything
Someone without a brain
Someone who does exactly what you want

You are that guy
You're the guy that loved me for what I could do for you.
If you had truly loved me,
You never would have asked me to do those things
You never would have hurt me like you did.
You would have understood me needing to have friends.
You asshole.

Congratulations anyway.
You've now joined the club no one wants to be a part of.

Go tell them I was just young and didn't know any better
Tell them I was evil and 'put my friends over you'

Remember this,
I tried my hardest.
I never gave up.
I was tired of being controlled.
And you wronged me.
I wronged you.
I'm sorry.
I've forgiven you for things you don't even know you did.

I haven't heard your voice in three months.
It's fucked up.
You erased yourself completely.
It's like I tried everything I could.
and all i have left is an empty jewelry box with your key,
your letter, your bullshit.

I was never the one you couldn't trust.

Pick up all those pictures of us.
And remember that we loved each other.
I was worth trusting.
You threw me in the trash.

I will never be called a bitch again.

You never could be alone.
We were just two lonely people
with meaningless words between us
trying to figure out how to make this life pass.
You just can't seem to know what it means to be alone.
How's that rebound working for you?
Did she love like I did?
Did she smile at you like I did?
You don't even look at each other.
It means nothing.